[email protected]uk. Covering: Mansfield, Sutton in Ashfield. Chesterfield Office. 01246 914083 [email protected]uk. Covering: Chesterfield & Sheffield. Nottingham Office. 01158 114 554 ... Gutter guards vary from rigid plastic gutter grids, gutter foam to gutter brushes. Things to Consider. These types of gutter guards will limit the amount of pine needles that get into the gutter but not with 100 percent efficiency. The open mesh guard is probably the least effective due to the size of the holes in the guard. Steel accumulates thousands of pine needles resulting in you having to pick them out one by one to clean the gutter guards. FloPlast Gutter Guards Black 100-115mm x 500mm 10 Pack (12515) out of 5 stars. (193) Polypropylene Construction. Suitable for Gutter Widths 100-115mm. Clips Together - No Screw Required. Bulk Save - View offer.

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